Encrypted Emails from Gerber Kawasaki

Gerber Kawasaki is committed to keeping your information safe and secure. To protect your information, any emails that include your personally identifiable information (PII) are handled through the Proofpoint Email Encryption solution. This article will take you through what you will experience when receiving an encrypted email from our office.

1. The first time you receive an encrypted email message from our office, you will need to go through the Proofpoint one-time registration. The Proofpoint one-time registration will require you to enter your First and Last Name, create your Password, and choose a security Question and Answer. This can be done from your personal computer (PC) or your mobile device

2. The answer to the selected question will help you reset the password if you forget.

3. To access the secure email, you can either select the Click here link within the email message, or you can double-click on the attachment. (When accessing the secure message on your mobile device, the message will include an attachment that you will need to open/select).

4. Both the Click here link and the attachment within your email will launch an internet browser which will open a webpage.

5. Select the Click to read message button.

6. You will then be prompted to enter your Proofpoint email encryption password.

7. Next, you will be taken to the Proofpoint secure email application where you are only able to read and reply to the email. The option to Forward the email has been disabled. Direct replies back to our office will automatically be encrypted.

If you have any questions and/or comments about accessing your encrypted emails from Gerber Kawasai, please feel free to contact us at (310) 441-9393 or email us at info@gerberkawasaki.com.

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