Making the Most Out of My Money Page

Over the past few months, the My Money Page team over at Gerber Kawasaki has been working to make our app better and better. We’ve listened to your feedback and have focused our efforts on making My Money Page an app that can be integrated into your daily routine. We want to ensure that our users are aware of all the characteristics that make our app so unique. There are several features in particular that allow users to personalize their experience, truly creating ‘their own’ Money Page.

Pictures have a purpose. Like a date circled on a calendar or a pictured framed on your desk, visual cues are motivating for so many. Financial planning and budgeting does not have to be stale – liven up your profile and your goal pages with some visual inspiration. Are you saving for a house? Find a picture of your dream neighborhood and add it to your goal. Did you just set up at 529 Plan for your child to (hopefully) attend your alma matter? Upload a picture of the campus or the mascot. Every time you log into your Money Page, these pictures will show you exactly why you are working so hard to achieve your financial goals. They are reminders that your goals are tangible and not just numbers that you are absentmindedly plugging into a budgeting app.

We’re all in this together. Much like any other major life goal, choosing to invest or improve your financial situation requires the help and support of those around you. Your GK advisor is already connected to your account, but don’t you want to be on the same page –literally—as friends and family? My Money Page allows you the option to do exactly that. Inviting family, friends, or fellow GK clients to use the application is a non-invasive way to track each other’s progress. You can follow feeds, and work together to achieve your goals. Gerber Kawasaki prides itself on having a team of supportive advisors that can understand, relate to, and advise on the situations you’re experiencing. However, at the end of the day, family and friends are the ultimate support system and we knew it was important to integrate that feeling into our app.

Up-to-date information will pay off in the long run. As you may know, one of the differentiating features of My Money Page is how easy it is to work with a real life advisor. You can connect in real time and update them on how your goals have or are changing. The easiest way to do this is by ensuring that all your financial information is constantly up to date on your page. When an obstacle or opportunity alters your budget, update it on My Money Page. If your net worth is growing as your investing strategies are paying off, update it on My Money Page. It’s just a matter of integrating your finances into daily life – by plugging in or changing a number, not only are you being transparent with yourself about your financial situation, you are letting the app work for you. Active users quickly realize how supportive and usable the application is, and how helpful it is in keeping you on the same page as your Gerber Kawasaki advisor. Being honest with yourself about your situation is the best way to achieve your long term goals.

In what ways has the My Money Page helped you? What are your favorite features? We are always eager to hear your feedback – let us know at

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