Ross Gerber Interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on CNBC

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Since the inception of Gerber Kawasaki 3 years ago, we have worked hard to build a firm that is transparent, focused on our clients' needs and that uses the latest technologies to monitor, track and communicate with you.

When choosing investments, our approach revolves around researching, understanding and choosing companies and sectors that we believe in and that are dominant in their industries and transformative in their fields. We ascribe to the notions that innovation, good governance and vision are the main drivers of success. Our investment results can be attributed to this process and the hard work we put into researching each and every one of our positions and recommendations.

Our success has not gone unnoticed and our CEO & CIO, Ross Gerber was asked today to be a guest on CNBC to share our firm's perspective on the launch of the new iPhones . We couldn't be any prouder of being recognized by the most prominent media authority in our industry.

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